Monday, September 12, 2011

Skate Night at Sequoia Baptist Church

Every year our church rents the local skating rink for 2 hours and we have a great time.  Each year the kids get better and better on skates.  Next year we should have all 6 of them out there....oh, wait that means I will need to be out there too.  No excuse then to stay on the sidelines.  Oh well, it will be fun!  Nathan couldn't understand why he didn't have any skates.  He kept asking where his skateboard was.  At one point he went behind the counter and tried to get his own skates and two other times he ran out on the rink wanting to race.  He kept me busy all night.  Austin won 3rd place in his age group race.  Elizabeth didn't place, but did an excellent job (she didn't even fall)  Emily and Megan chose not to race and my man......Woo Hoo won 2nd place.  The kids loved cheering him on, I must admit, so did I.

Austin with his buddy Noah Thomas

Emily having a great time at Roller Town
Austin was so happy.  He had been waiting for this night for so long.  Last year he had just broke his arm and so he didn't get to skate.
Megan was all smiles even though she spent most the night on her....uh....well, her backside. :)
Couldn't get a picture of Elizabeth just posing.  I couldn't keep her still long enough.  She loved skating with her friends.
This is a picture of Nathan being bribed with a slushy to stay put and let me watch the kids skate.  It worked for a while.
Joshie enjoyed watching and skating

Had a great time!  Already looking forward to next year!

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